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Maintenance of non-woven fabrics

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Maintenance of non-woven fabric: the following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance and collection of non-woven fabric:

1, to keep clean, often wash, to prevent moth breeding.

2, when changing season storage, must be washed, ironing, air dry after the cover of plastic bags sealed, flat in the wardrobe. Be careful to shade the light to prevent fading. Should often ventilation, dust to wet, not exposure. Should put in inside chest mouldproof, prevent moth insect tablet agent, lest cashmere product is affected with damp mouldy give birth to insect.

3, when wearing its matching coat lining to smooth, avoid hard things in the pocket such as pen, key bag, mobile phone, so as to avoid local friction ball. The friction that reduces with hard thing as far as possible when outer wear (if sofa back of a chair, armrest, desktop) and crochet hang. Wear time is not easy to be too long, 5 days or so must stop wearing or change wearing, make clothing to restore the elasticity, so as to avoid fiber fatigue damage.

4, if there is a ball, do not force to pull, must use scissors to cut off the ball, so as not to cause irreparable due to mater.